SWAZ Aviation’s Specialty Aircraft Services

We have successfully completed Rotax Engine training, a comprehensive two-day, 16-hour course. Graduates of this program are certified to maintain 912 series engines in accordance with ASTM standards, as outlined by the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) regulations.

A small airplane sitting on top of an airport runway.

The training covers the following key areas:

  • Rotax history and product familiarization
  • Senders and instrumentation
  • Gearbox: The internal workings and maintenance
  • Propeller considerations, adjustment, and its effects on your engine
  • Hose inspection, maintenance, and considerations
  • Oil System workings, maintenance, and considerations
  • Cooling System workings, maintenance, and considerations
  • Fuel System workings, maintenance, and considerations
  • Carburetor workings, maintenance, and keeping them in sync
  • Ignition theory
  • Compression and why it’s important, what it tells us, and the performance of a real compression test
  • Troubleshooting
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Maintenance documentation
A small airplane sitting on top of an airport runway.

Our Airport

Certified Diamond Maintenance

As certified Diamond Maintenance providers, we have completed training with Diamond Aircraft on the DA20 and DA40 and the DA40NG Austro Diesel Engine. We are well-equipped to handle your Diamond requirements and can procure any special tooling or parts you may need.

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Fabric Work

Our expertise does not end here; we also provide fabric work services, undertaking everything from patches to total rebuilds to make your plane airworthy again. We use any fabric system for rebuilds, though we prefer Stits Polyfiber. For all your flight training and aircraft maintenance needs in Arizona, contact us at SWAZ Aviation, LLC.

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